Farming Year Gets Under Way…

Neighbours spring tine harrowed my lower fields and put fertiliser on and the little rain we had last night will have sent that root wards.

We had a visit from  another neighbour’s sheep flock via the non existent fence between his farm and my other neighbour’s fields and his non existent fence – it made me jump to see sheep in the hedge where mine always used to be but glad I had sold my flock – as a week later these sheep are still wandering around and it seems that they can be left for their owners to worry about – they aren’t causing me any concern and are out of harm’s way – but if they WERE  in with my sheep a week AFTER they  strayed  the air WOULD be blue by now – as it is the sky is blue and I don’t much care about them or their lax owners – who are well aware where they are…:)


Happy Days! 🙂