Crazy Grass Much Rhubarb Time…

2016-06-02 12.35.36.jpg

1st Fields Cut…

So it starts. Silage teams trundling about morning noon and night – and fine weather for it!

Kite’s Orchard is ‘out of bloom’ now and I need to make an inspection of the fertilisation – a quick glance says some cider trees and my second favourite ‘Hoary Morning’ have not pollinated and neither have the ‘Williams’ pears  but the Damsons and Plums are laden – the big pear tree has more fruit set than I have seen for years and the cherries -not that we will get any of them – and the rest of the eaters and cookers look well set for a good season.

As it is unlikely I will be able to really make much cider this year the fact they are having a year off isn’t an issue – I have yet to wade into the neck high grass ( I am short) of Moon Cat Orchard next door to see the Dabinets and Kingston Blacks etc

The ‘under grazers’ – my twelve geese- are  ‘a laying’ like mad –  and as usual I wish they could all have big families to bring up  and help with the mowing but a pair of ravens near by has put a stop on free range poultry breeding here for a while.

Now the trees are not in bloom I will spray the large crop of docks that has sprung up this year around the pipe work we laid last year – geese don’t eat weeds and my mower won’t go under the mature trees on medium root stock!

The soft fruit department looks like it has recovered from the savage prune – I didn’t kill anything anyway! All have new growth for next year and those few branches I left long are laden – enough for a few pots of jam anyway.

And The Rhubarb?

Well it grows well here! Came from a bit that was growing where Kites Orchard is now that was the original garden – I dug it up and planted it in the ‘new garden’ (as it was then) so it seems quite fitting it is bursting out of it’s own accord during the gardens hiatus 🙂

Crumble Anyone? 🙂