2nd Cut

Hay has gone and second cut silage is on the floor…

Horses have moved fields and their fields have been topped.

The neighbour’s fields I help look after are also cut so those fields are traversable again – I can’t believe it is only 11 months since the sheep went on –  looked like it might make some weedy hay but the fog and mist came up this morning and I think it will be nowt but fowsty bedding which is a shame – and if it rains much more it will be a hard burn.

2016-07-13 14.53.49

On The Home Brew Front…

I picked the few Blackcurrants – a big freezer bag full – to make some Cassis type stuff – G brought home a pretty glass screw top bottle and we got some ‘Putinov’ Vodka to make our mash with … YUM.


Leap Of Faith…

2016-07-01 13.23.41.jpgBefore

The weekend arrived of the Digger And Dumper and G and I worked hard to clear up both in the garden and the yard – we even got the second skip emptied and replaced with a nice empty one.

G didn’t get entirely away from mechanics but luckily this was minor.

2016-07-05 11.10.30.jpg

2016-07-05 15.59.50

Long flight of steps or ‘build a mountain’?2016-07-06 05.47.16

 Built The Mountain!

It is not what either of us envisaged when we started but given we had no plan and were winging it I think we did well including sawing off the neck of the new septic tank and filling in the trench etc that had appeared around it.

The ‘side garden’ took a hammering as a source of top soil – I guess my snowdrops, violets and primroses will have been hit through and when we ran out of soil there we trundled to the bottom of the farm and raided the heap we made 30 years ago when we cleared, levelled and dug foundation holes for a barn we never raised.

Take Away Is?

You can never have enough black top/road scalpings!

We are trying to make the place easy to get around for the less bendy or those on wheels or flying a zimmer  now and in the future – anyway this now needs to settle down and wait for next stage – some kind of tiles I suppose…:)

Veg garden fence was discussed – everyone is busy with silage still right now so I think if it is done by Autumn for next year… still there are enough black currents out there to make a jar or two of Cassis – I could have made gooseberry wine but there isn’t anywhere to wash out the equipment right now… I can freeze the fruit though for later  – after the severe prune there isn’t a huge crop – but there is lots of new growth for next year… 🙂

The orchard is a mixed bag right now – the cider apples didn’t set a good crop – I haven’t looked at the field orchard – the other apples are much the same with the exception of Lord Lamburne and Bramlies, Winston and the Allington Pippins- the pears did set a heavy crop but the June drop was heavy  – plums both Victoria and Opal + Damson Merry weather are loaded and groaning.

Much like the wine making my cider stuff is buried under the household gear in the shipping container so a poor year may not be missed come Autumn – have to make up for it in 2017 as the Vintage Apple Wine stock is running down…:)



Before And After…

2016-06-18 15.29.25.jpg

OK So the explanation for this IS…

The mower is the ‘Trigger’s broom’ of mowers and we didn’t quite get around to replacing it – and then the orchard was in bloom and I didn’t want to spray – and then they had grown taller than me 🙁

2016-06-18 15.30.00 HDR.jpg


I feel SO much better now…. us little red (faced) hens have cleared it out.