Woman out standing in her field – literally :)


‘Between’ phase kicks in for farm…

2nd cut is wrapped and hauled away and in a few weeks the neighbours dairy and dairy bread young stock will arrive as a leggy, nosy and playful bunch. Dogs and I will have to ย be more inventive to avoid company on our walks but at least the other neighbours ย land is now topped or bagged and tagged so I can enjoy the bridle path with out getting stung though being run over by mountain bikers or eaten by horse flies is possible.

There is little now I can do in the garden until the new rabbit fence is erected – with gates hung etc – unless I want to start putting rabbit pie on the menu – which I don’t. Even the re grown lawn has slowed down and not needed our ‘Trigger’s broom’ mower to be ‘got going’.

The orchard looks heavy with plums and damsons but the apples are not uniformly good – and no cider ones at all though the neighbour’s Dabbinetts and a few others look OK, the pears have dropped a lot which is a shame.

All that being said I have gone on a ‘get fitter’ phase and a ‘get horses going’ phase – so far resulting in blood sweat and tears – one Vet visit and one day with me flat on my back – all Jolly Good Fun. ๐Ÿ™2016-08-02 16.58.45 HDR.jpg

Cycling contraption with additional ‘diving’ weights and ‘encouraging VDO (!) and target in sight out of window.

Recruited friends to assist in getting me over my acute loss of confidence with my horse riding that has occurred – and am doing my best to make sure I am a bit stronger legged – writing all day, every day, has reduced my over all fitness dramatically this year – and with out the sheep flock to chase and tend my running and weight lifting has been reduced – to my noticeable detriment. Enter The Contraption. When attached to my husband’s JCB work bench I can also out line fiction etc ๐Ÿ™‚ LOL Multi Tasking. ๐Ÿ™‚2016-08-02 09.38.20.jpg

I think it would be easier to get off back side and go for a ride TBH and do one thing at a time properly!