Like Busses…


Sometimes nothing seems to happen and then it all does…

One of my neighbours has restocked with new Mule ewes and they are grazing off the ‘turned to jungle’ fields that my sheep were keeping tidy for another absent neighbour – and the rams are in so we may be hearing the patter of tiny feet in the spring again 🙂

2016-11-08 10.20.51.jpg

The other thing that has happened is that the nice bunch of calves have returned home and so I have been able to move the horses down to the winter fields and it was dry enough to avoid the wheel barrow having to be used to take the fence posts – and Tash who supervised 🙂

On The Garden Front…

I sprayed the last time with Roundup – I had hoped the fence would be up and that I could have Rotivated – but it hasn’t been the case – so Roundup it was today and SBK on the nettle patches in the middle of the top field.

Plenty of apples still on the trees in the orchard – no chance of making cider or wine as the utensils are still in the shipping container but we did make some Cassis like liqueur – just to warm the cockles of our hearts in the bleak mid winter – Ya De Ya 🙂 🙂2016-11-14 16.31.00.jpg