Wet day – so testing pancake recipes…

So what’s this all about then?

Egg mountain looming 🙂 8 pullets and 1 hen = 9 eggs a day 🙂

I like pancakes but I don’t want the white four so I played with three kind  – egg only pancakes with just a spoonful of yogurt, Hairy Biker’s Quick Dosas – from their Curry book – recipe followed and some made with eggs and chick pea flour and a little water and yogurt. I made a huge stack between the lot of them and the next day used them to make pancake ‘cannelloni’ stuffed with roast Aubergine, Tomato,Onion, Herbs,Peppers and oven baked minced beef topped with a white sauce made with yogurt and Parmesan – who needs pasta?!

chick pea and egg with water and yog mix

Hairy Biker Quick Dosas back left.

The egg only ones


Jam and rusty pots and pans

Been trying to get these two jobs done all year…

Picked some BC’s last summer and froze them – Mother has been saving jars – and when I went in to the container to get the jars I saw the state of my cast iron pots and pans I used to use on the Rayburn – the Swallow poo did nothing for them – or me…

These are the better ones – I couldn’t shown you the Swallow poo ones 🙂 Could I?! An afternoon in the dumpy bag of sand scrubbing – or I could have used white vinegar ( I just didn’t have any)

Note to self – don’t freeze too many BC’s in a bag – as when you put the sugar in it gets dangerously near the top of the biggest pots 🙁

They look better after a coating of nut oil and a long hot bake- now I have to find somewhere to put them indoors or use them for door stops 🙂


War on Waste

War on Waste kicks off with what is to hand – wrinkly garlic and going over lemons 🙂

The worst thing for me over the three years of the ‘re build’ has been  buying all our food in – and the waste levels – at one point we had three fridges around the farm in buildings and two freezers – and we cooked – and still do – between the house dairy, the new kitchen and 27 and ‘food-stuff’ got mislaid or forgotten – and that is before peoples food preferences  and schedules got involved – it’s  gone a long way from our family meals of our own produce and mostly consisted of  bought ready meals . So, having found my cook books a home – if not yet a fixed kitchen – I preserved the lemons in salt and drowned the garlic in oil – it’s a small start. 🙂