Why make cheese?

Well, I used to when I  kept goats and we fed the whey to the pigs –  but now I am fed up with throwing out milk after the weekends – no pigs –  and I like the little french herby cheese –  but not the price and I definitely don’t like buying plain soft cheese these days – too small an amount and way too much £!  But first, I had to find my kit and clean it up after 3 years in the container! Hum. The cheese molds were missing – well, I wouldn’t have thrown them out but goodness knows where they are… Good job I have my Russian cheese cloth – husband was given this in exchange for his hospitality one weekend from a Russian truck driver – and I was well chuffed with it 🙂

These are the photos for two lots of cheese  – the first is made of 4 Litres of Morrison’s homogenised Gold Top and the second from 2 x 2.27L ordinary Blue top. I tinkered with the Gold Top one after making with adding sour cream – and that one also had more starter but I think the best flavour – and by far the cheapest – was the Blue Top.

After the weekend I will collect up husband’s left over skim milk bottles and what ever I have left in my blue top and make what there is – we have enough soft cheese now to last for a fair while that I can cook with or we can add fresh herbs to – and it freezes well. If there isn’t enough milk this week I will freeze it and make it up when there is – it isn’t being sold  and it is only for home use and cooking. Hate waste 🙂

Mad Millie 5 x Cheese Starter and rennet available at Amazon. ( veg rennet also)

Time passed and I examined Pear blossom 🙂

Looks like this next day

I broke mine up and sprinkled with sea salt then re hung for another day

I tinkered with adding sour cream for a smooth cheese – actually I think it was grainy – but it tasted fine:)

Produce of first batch.

Blue Top for second batch

Same system – hang over night – scrape down, crumble salt and re bag and hang.


I use a cut down yog pot with cling film over as a shaper and I fold the cling film over then push it down with my fist and then push it out and finish wrapping. Label, bag and refrigerate – then freeze if you want. 🙂