This small farm  is undergoing considerable change  for the first time in the thirty years we have been here – the house is still in the  ‘surgery’ of a rebuild  – and the veg garden – that I  started 30 years ago – has been flattened . My sheep flock sold. I am undergoing the experience of starting again.

We are not accidental farmers or smallholders, downshifters – nor, are we organic farmers .

I had helped out on farms from childhood and funded my pony’s shoes with the sale of eggs from my 24 hens and my  goat milk round. We both went into farming after 6th form as a career choices – and actually met on Phase 4 Dairy course at  Kingston Maurwood College – we trained and worked accordingly till we went self employed – me relief milking and tractor driving and then as a contract ‘sheep worker’  while goat dairying, sheep keeping, pig keeping, chicken breeding and generally enjoying the produce of the place. Husband found him self nonplussed with farming for other folk and so started our haulage business just as we took over the Agricultural  Tenancy of this small farm – nearly 30 years ago  now – letting me get on with it :). We subsequently bought the farm – with my Mum – when the opportunity arose.

The main ‘small’ body of the farm remains rented out as grass keep and silage but that leaves me ‘the edges’…The drastic rebuild of the house – that was necessary due to the depredations of long time use and lack of funds – and the subsequent  veg garden loss – and flock sale – took place as I started writing full time and this  left  me the sensation of being eradicated from my home, garden and farm – of leaving no trace of me – which was unexpected given I had planned most of the changes!

What comes next – BREXIT and all – who knows? This land isn’t going anywhere – what ever I do to it – and it will be here long after I am fertilising the daises in the bottom field. 🙂  Just as it was here before my size four wellies hit the turf .  🙂