Back Ends To Christmas Wishes…

Most of the Back End I’ve been writing…but stuff out side happens anyway…

Including – eventually that second cut of ‘silage’.

 The misty mornings came.

 The one cat turned out to be three – solving the ‘left-overs’ problem caused by the lack of dogs – if not the dish washing 🙂

 Cattle on the exit route soon lost their novelty for me.

 as I suddenly couldn’t get out on foot or with a pony – they don’t call that field ‘Pond Ground’ for nothing 🙁 still the beasts had to eat .

 It pays to look at the positives of the veg gardening – ie we do have veg this winter.

 The issue is finding them in the weeds 🙂

 The wild birds are now tucking into feed- and as ever 27 provides a good view.

 Not that the old view is bad…

So very much missing the dogs at the moment

 But a dog is for life and not just  Christmas … and life right now still revolves around my mother and her care needs, my writing and husband’s work and without the garden fence it’s not a great idea to find new four-leggeds – and we do have the cats and the horses  so we are hardly hard done by 🙂

 Happy Christmas


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